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:: Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement

Computer Image Guided Surgery has following advantages

Cutting bone and positioning the components with an accuracy upto 0.5 degrees and 0.5 mm
Ability to judge the bony cuts before actually making the cuts
Ability to verify the cut to very precise accuracy
Smaller incision
Back to feet in 2 days
Reduced need for blood
Short hospital stay
Less pain after surgery
Early return to work
Less complications
Longer life of components

Computer Image Guided Surgery allows total knee replacement to be performed without drilling a hole in the end of the femur and pushing a metal rod into it to gauge alignment as done in conventional total knee replacement surgery. Elimination of use of this rod reduces the incidence of micro-embolism of bone marrow, air and fat during the surgery (small amounts of fat or air entering the blood vessels and getting entrapped in the lungs) – a potentially
dangerous condition

Road to Recovery
Patients who undergo traditional knee replacement surgery generally spend a month on crutches, a month with a cane, and a month to finish rehabilitation. Rehabilitation usually requires daily exercises for several weeks to achieve a greater bend of the knee. With the minimally invasive technique, rehabilitation needs are less extensive and patients finish rehabilitation in less than a month.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement
Joint replacement surgeries up till now meant pain, bleeding and long recovery time. All these are related to bigger incision and dissection of muscles and ligaments. With conventional
system big incisions are necessary to be able to visualize the whole area and be able to perform the surgery as accurately as possible. Invention of Computer Image Guided Surgery
has enabled experienced surgeons to perform knee replacement surgery using a minimally invasive technique (operation through small or very small incision ) that is as effective as traditional open surgery but advantages like :

Very small incisions.
less blood loss and pain.
less trauma and damage to the tissue surrounding the knee.
Preserves normal blood circulation around the knee joint.
Better and quicker healing after the Surgery.
Major muscles around the knee are not disturbed – leading to better power in the knee after the surgery.
leads to quicker recovery and shorter Rehabilitation.
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