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:: Arthrosis

Excessive wear and destruction of cartilage leads to loss of its cushion effect. As a result bone gets exposed in the joint area causing damage to other structures in the knee joint. This causes arthritis and its symptoms.

The undersurface of the knee cap (patella) is also covered with such a cartilage. Loss of this cartilage here also leads to symptoms of arthritis under the knee cap.

Various Stages of Arthritis

Wear can be incomplete, in which case the cartilage is still present, but thin and irregular. X-rays demonstrate a narrowing of the space between the bones. The wear can be complete, in which case cartilage has essentially disappeared. We are now dealing with a “bone on bone” situation, i.e. bone rubs against bone. This is quite painful. On x-ray, the space has essentially disappeared between the bones, and the bone itself may start to wear down.

The arthritis can lead to wear and tear of the soft meniscus which is present between the bone. The arthritis is often accompanied by bone spurs (osteophytes), which are quite apparent on x-rays.

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