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  Dr. Harsh Shah
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:: With Computer Image-Guided Surgery" & "Steps of    Knee Replacement Surgery
Common Impression of Joint Replacement Surgery
Big incisions
Pain for several days
Difficult and long recovery
Long physiotherapy
Hospitalization for a week or longer
Requirement for antibiotics for 5 days or longer
With Computer Image-Guided Surgery
Small or very small incision
Minimal pain for only a day or so
Short and smooth recovery
Very short duration physiotherapy
Short hospitalization for 2 to 4 days
Antibiotics for 3 days
Back to work in 2 weeks
More Accuracy, hence longer life of the joint
Steps of Knee Replacement Surgery
Step 1: Removal of worn surface of femur (thigh bone)
Step 2: Removal of worn surface of tibia (leg bone)
Step 3: Implantation of 2 part tibial component (leg bone)
Step 4: Implantation of femoral component (thigh bone)
Step 5: Preparation and implantation of patella under surface             (knee cap)
Step 6 : Completed Total Knee Replacement
Dr. Harsh Shah - Joint Replacement Specialist
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