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  Dr. Harsh Shah
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:: How does it work?

The Computer Image Guided Surgery system is composed of three parts
• 3 dimensional infrared camera
• Flat panel touch screen monitor
• Visual passive reflective arrays
A 3-D infra-red camera identifies parts of knee and generates images on computer screen to help surgeon have a ‘third eye’ to have control over fractions of a millimetre and half a degree..
The Computer System for the Image Guided Surgery works on visual recognition of the instruments by two infra-red cameras. These cameras identify the position of the instruments and generate accurate 3 dimensional image of the knee on the computer screen. The surgeon can then rotate the image to find out correct orientation and apply the cutting instruments.

Once an accurate image is generated, the surgeon is able to see how a knee replacement would look like and behave before doing anything to the bones. This simulation is invaluable in judging the size of the implants and pre-empting any difficulties possible during the surgery.

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