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:: Total Knee Replacement

Modern total knee replacements are made of following components:
A metal part fixed to the femur (thigh bone)
A metal part fixed to the tibia (leg bone)
A plastic insert attached to the metal component fixed to tibia
A plastic button fixed to the patella (knee cap)

This way all the movements occur between plastic portion and metallic portion only. This gives smooth gliding function for easy movements of the artificial joint.
Unicondylar (Partial) Knee Replacement

In the early stages only the half of the knee joint gets worn. In such condition partial knee replacement has following advantages:

A very small incision of 5 – 6 cm only with computer
assisted surgery. (10 cm with conventional methods).
No need for blood transfusion during surgery
Very little pain after surgery
Hospital stay of one or two days only
Ability to sit cross legged after the surgery
Less expensive
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