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:: Operation Theatre Air

Knee Replacement done with any modern technique can fail if infected. Meticulous infection prevention measures are fundamental to a successful outcome.

Joint Replacement theaters are exclusive. A routine operation theatre where other surgeries are also performed is not well suited for knee replacement surgery. A separate anaesthesia room attached to the main theatre helps to prevent contamination inside the theater.

Air in the operation Theater
Artificial joints can easily get infected by contaminated air. A high efficiency filter called
HEPA filters is used to filter out all the bacteria from operation theater air. These filters have a capacity to filter out th particles as small as 3000 of a millimeter. To maintain ultra clean air (Class-100) joint replacement operation theater specifications are:

HEPA filters fitted in area directly above the operation table (vertical Laminar Flow System) with a minimum size of 10 feet by 10 feet to cover the patient, surgeon, assistants and all the instrument trolleys.
The capacity of the HEPA to filter all of the operation theater air at least 80 times every hour.
Use of special protective clothing and personal exhaust systems to drive away the air which has come into contact with body and exhaled while breathing.
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