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  Dr. Harsh Shah
• Operation Theatre Air
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• Sterilisation Plant
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:: Sterilisation Plant

Restore Clinic is one of the very few clinics equipped with pre-vacuum steriliser which has the highest efficiency of removing all infection causing bacteria. Commonly used ordinary horizontal type autoclaves have been banned in the west since 1956. All the disposable sterile material used in surgery is re-sterilised with a fully automatic ETO gas sterilization plant. This ensured infection free outcome. Cases operated at Restore Clinic by Dr. Harsh Shah has a success rate above 99.5% – well above average.

Pre-vacuum high pressure autoclave
Proper sterilisation is the basis of infection free surgery. Routine sterilisers without a special water operated vacuum pump are ineffective in ensuring proper sterilisation.
Dr. Harsh Shah - Joint Replacement Specialist
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