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  Dr. Harsh Shah
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:: Why use Technology for Accuracy ?

Perfection with consistency is difficult in knee replacement surgery without computer image guided surgery. This is proven beyond doubt and in all corners of the world.

The knee joint is a connecting link between the hip joint and the ankle joint. The angle between the thigh bone and the leg bone has to be so accurately aligned that the hip, the knee and the ankle fall exactly in a straight line. These angles are dependant on the way the worn surfaces are reshaped by the surgeon. Even a millimeter of deviation can lead to significant alignment changes and early failure.

Presently the surgeon uses his own experience, judgment and mechanical devices to get this correction as close to a straight line as possible. But the judgement of even the most experienced surgeon is not more accurate than a few millimetres or degrees. This results in small inaccuracies. In knee replacement, small inaccuracies have significant implications Joint replacement surgery is an exacting procedure. To achieve accuracy in implanting the joint, Computer Image Guided Surgery helps the surgeon to attain perfection which is difficult to achieve with manual methods.

Current methods of joint replacement are acceptable, but not perfect. With the help of Computer Image Guided Surgery, perfection is a reality. With perfection comes better and longer lasting results.

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