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  Dr. Harsh Shah
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Mira Nihalani (68 years) House wife - Ahmedabad
Computer aided knee replacement has Cworked wonders for me. I felt only slight discomfort for first two days after surgery. I was on my feet within 18 hours and could walk outside the room in less than 36 hours. In less than 72 hours after surgery, I walked to our car without anyone’s support and came home. In about a week’s time, I was going out without any sticks or walker and attending family functions in a fortnight. I looking forward to have my other knee replaced in a month’s time.
Ajit R. Shah (70 years) Businessman - Ahmedabad
I had pain in both my knees for many Iyears, severe enough to restrict all my normal activities. Both my knees were replaced 5 years ago at Restore Clinic by Dr. Harsh Shah. Relief from years of knee pain has given me a new lease of life. After both surgeries, I was able to attend office in a fortnight. Now I am able to walk without discomfort. My two brothers and a sister – all 3 of them had their knees replaced by Dr. Harsh Shah successfully and have been free of any discomfort for the last 8 years.
Shantaben Shah (71 years) Retired - Ahmedabad
I had my knee replaced by Dr. Harsh IShah 3 years ago. I had some apprehension before the surgery but the experience after surgery has been extremely pleasant. The pain after surgery was only minor and I completed full recovery within a month. Today I am able to enjoy life fully without any discomfort or use of stick. I am able to climb stairs effortlessly without any support. I am so happy that I came across Dr. Harsh Shah who removed all my fears of Surgery.
Vastupal Shah (73 years) Retired - Mumbai
I had an angle correction surgery for Iarthritis in my right knee. I had considerable difficulty after that & the bones failed to heal. I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Harsh Shah, who fixed my fracture and replaced my knee joint using special joint components. I had a smooth recovery after that. My fracture healed and the pain of the arthritis disappeared. I had my second knee replaced using the computer navigation and was able to walk in less than 24 hours and was home in 3 days.
Dr. Harsh Shah - Joint Replacement Specialist
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