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:: Treatment

Treatment of knee arthritis begins with the most basic steps, and progress to the more intensive therapy like surgery.

Weight Loss
Probably one of the most important, yet least commonly performed treatments. The less weight the joint has to carry, the less painful activities will be.

Actovity Modification
Limiting certain activities may be necessary,and learning new exercise methods may be helpful. Aquatic exercise (Swimming) is an
excellent option for patients who have difficulty in exercising.

Walking Aids
Use of a cane or a single crutch in the hand opposite the affected knee will help decrease the demand placed on the arthritic joint.

Physical Therapy
Strengthening of the muscles around the knee joint may help decrease the burden on the knee. Preventing atrophy of the muscles is an important part of maintaining functional use of the knee.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications
Anti-inflammatory pain medications (NSAIDs) are prescription and nonprescription drugs that help treat pain and inflammation.

Injection in the Knee
Injection of the medicine called Hyaluronidase can be effective in relieving symptoms of knee arthritis. Its beneficial effects can last many years.

Knee Arthroscopy
Arthroscopy is a minor surgical procedure in which physician inserts the arthroscope into your knee through several small incisions. This allows the physician to see the entire knee joint and permits the repair of some injuries.

Knee Replacement Surgery
In this procedure, depending on the type of knee replacement one or more parts of the knee are removed and metal & plastic implants are placed in the knee. Knee replacement is the most dependable treatment for knee arthritis benefiting patients from 30 years to 90 years age.

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