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:: Use of Computers

Only three degree deviation leads to higher failure. An experienced surgeon using computer assisted surgery can avoid this consistently.

In much the same way wheel alignment affects the life of automobile tyres, precise alignment
is key to smooth movement and long-term wear prevention in knee replacements.

Computer Navigation has become the standard of care in fields such as neurosurgery and is also having a profound effect on orthopedic surgery.

The goal of using computer image guided surgery is to:
• Reduce the size of the incision
• Reduce blood loss during surgery
• Prevent damage to muscles and ligaments
• Shorten time to recovery

Use of computer-aided methods in joint replacement improves the precision of implant positioning and ligament balancing, producing better clinical results that extends the life of the implants.

With Computer Image Guided Surgery the surgeon has a greater “vision” during surgery.

This supports decision-making and enhances the surgeon’s flexibility to accommodate individual variation in knees of different people.

During the surgery, the surgeon has only one chance to make a correct cut. The Computer Image Guided Surgery System allows the surgeon to precisely judge the accuracy before making a cut. This is of immense value.

Computer Image Guide Surgery
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